About Us

About Us

It is estimated that there are over 400 million orphans in the world. Some of these children are exploited by illegal organizations, while some of them are exposed to threats such as forced work, forced marriage, forced adoption, and being pushed into crime and substance abuse, etc.. In addition, even if they are not exposed to these threats, various psychosocial disorders are observed in these children as a result of being deprived of love and affection.

Yetim Foundation is a specialized foundation that was established on World Orphans' Day, June 10 (15 Ramadan), 2017, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of this picture.

The concept of “orphan” in our Foundation also includes motherless children, lost and found children, social orphans and orphan mothers as well as orphans. In the services we provide, we encompass a wide life span of orphans from the beginning of their childhood to the age when they will be all alone in life, regardless of any age limit.

Our Mission

To create an environment that will contribute to the development of children, especially orphans, in need of protection, in an environment of love and compassion, protecting the integrity of their mental and physical health.

Our vision

To be a worldwide Foundation that guides, becomes a role model and is taken as a reference with the services it provides for children in need of protection, especially orphans.

The concept of “orphan” covers the following groups in our foundation:

• Orphans: Children whose father has passed away.

• Motherless Orphans: Children whose mother has passed away.

• Children whose parents are unknown or missing and found children.

• Social Orphans: Children in need of love and attention, although their parents are still alive.


1. Transparency

• We accept transparency as the main element of trust.

• We adopt the principle of being clear, understandable and fast in communication.

• We regularly share information and developments about our foundation with the public.

• We keep our financial statements available up-to-date.

• We record the processes related to our work and inform the relevant parties.

2. Justice

•We do not make distinctions according to belief, language, race etc. in the execution of our activities, we focus on the need itself.

• We meticulously prioritize the services and assistance to be provided.

• We try to deliver services and aids quickly.

• We prioritize orphan sensitivities while delivering services and aids.

• We rely on merit in assignments and collaborations.

3. Unity

• We see the institutions, organizations and people serving orphans as our stakeholders and believe that we will be stronger together.

• We embrace the  teamwork and come to each other's aid.

• We rely on the consultation method in our decision processes.

• We maintain our relations with respect, courtesy and empathy.

• We keep a smile on our faces.

4. Pioneering

• We make an effort to be there for even a single orphan in need, under all circumstances.

• We lead the multi-faceted development of children with the “Holistic Education Model” that we have adopted.

• We do not put limits on our thoughts for original projects that take care of the benefit of orphans.

• We present the knowledge and models we produce in the light of our field experiences to the service of humanity for widespread benefit.

• We work to increase the awareness and consciousness level of the whole society on orphanhood.

5. Development

• We constantly improve ourselves in order to contribute to the development of our orphan children.

• We care that all our team members have a high level of knowledge and sensitivity about foundation awareness and orphanhood issues.

• We consider corporate development studies as a part of our work in order to be more effective and efficient.

• We follow the developments and innovations in our fields of duty.

• We follow information and technologies and adapt to them quickly