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How Can I Donate?

  1. An invoice is issued for donations made as part of Food Banking.
  2. The invoice is issued on behalf of Yetim Foundation.
  3. The cost of the donated goods (excluding the value added tax incurred) is written on the invoice as the cost of goods..
  4. On the invoice, “VAT was not calculated since it was donated to those in need on the condition of aid.” is written.
  5. Shipment note is issued for transportation.


Can I donate items that I do not sell like food etc.?

  1. The purchase invoice of the item to be donated is drawn up on behalf of the donor.
  2. The donor issues his/her own invoice containing the same item on behalf of Yetim Foundation stating that the invoice is appropriate.
  3. In cases that will not be paid by the enterprise, the value of the goods, including VAT, is written in the donations and aids section of the income tax return and is accepted as an income tax deduction.
  • You can get detailed information about Food Banking by calling 0212 970 60 60.