2024 Orphan Foundation Ramadan Activities

12.02.2024 | 
2024 Orphan Foundation Ramadan Activities

Can you provide information about the purpose and activities of the Orphan Foundation?

Our foundation was established on June 10, 2017, coinciding with the 15th of Ramadan, World Orphans Day, with the aim of contributing to the loving and compassionate growth and development of our orphaned children in Turkiye and around the world, both in spirit and body.

As the Orphan Foundation, we include 2.5 billion children, who make up 40% of the world's child population, in the concept of "orphan," including orphans, lost, found, and social orphans; we also consider supporting orphan mothers. In our services, we do not observe an age limit; we hold the hands of our orphaned children from early childhood until they can stand on their own feet. We also continue to support our orphaned children with continuous and periodic aid.

We regularly provide psychosocial support and social service assistance to our children and families who have lost their mother, father, or both, to help them cope with their loss and alleviate its psychological impact. We also run continuous projects such as "sponsorship support, sibling family, kindness in line" and periodic projects like "festivity in my street, development, winter, and stationery."

What activities will the Orphan Foundation undertake this year during Ramadan?

For our 2024 Ramadan activities, we started with the theme "Touch Your Heart This Ramadan," rolling up our sleeves to bring joy and happiness to the hearts of our orphaned children. This year, we will be in 20 countries, including Turkey. Our priority is to deliver the donations of our charitable donors, such as food parcels, Ramadan children's packages, iftar, Eid clothing, zakat, fitrah, and fidyah, to our orphaned children and their families.

As every year, on the 15th of Ramadan, World Orphans Day, we will make a press statement, publish a report titled "Being a Child in Palestine," and try to be the voice and joy of "the orphan" by playing our traditional games with our children at the Neslişah Cultural Center.

During Ramadan, we aim to sponsor 3,000 new orphaned children into our support system until they complete their university education.

Which groups does the Orphan Foundation aim to reach during the Ramadan period?

Our priority will, of course, be orphaned, abandoned, and social orphaned children. More than 1 billion of these children live in orphanages, orphan family settlements, or dormitories for homeless children. Our goal is to conduct Ramadan activities in the countries and regions where these children are located.

In which countries will the Orphan Foundation work during Ramadan?

We plan to work in 21 countries during Ramadan 2024. These include:

  • In Africa: Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Sudan, Togo, Tunisia
  • In the Balkans: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • In Asia: Afghanistan, Arakan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal
  • In the Middle East: Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, and Turkey

What are the goals of the Orphan Foundation's Ramadan organization?

While delivering the trusts of the benefactors to needy orphaned, abandoned, and social orphaned children and their families, we primarily do this with a sense of worship, always reminding each other that the main purpose is to gain the pleasure of Allah.

One of our most important goals during Ramadan activities is to provide morale, motivation, and restore the joy of life to orphaned children and their families in different parts of the Islamic world, and to meet their urgent and basic needs. Also, to create an impact against missionaries working to build a Western-Christian-centric world through orphaned children. To observe firsthand what is happening in brotherly geographies and to bring new projects related to our orphaned children to the agenda of charitable people.

Can you provide information about the 15th of Ramadan, World Orphans Day?

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) decided to observe the 15th day of Ramadan every year as World Orphans Day during the 40th session of the Council of Foreign Ministers held in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, from December 9-11, 2013. It then communicated this decision to all civil society and charitable organizations within its structure, calling on them to raise international public awareness about the reality of orphans and to initiate various social projects for orphaned children on every 15th of Ramadan.

Every year on the 15th of Ramadan, World Orphans Day, we try to draw attention to the reality of orphaned children; we strive to be a means for states, umbrella institutions, and NGOs to touch children's lives with genuine projects and to spread these efforts throughout the year.

We would also like to express here that World Orphans Day has another meaning for us: it coincides with the fourth year of our foundation, adding additional significance to this important day for our foundation.

What activities will the Orphan Foundation undertake on the 15th of Ramadan, World Orphans Day?

This year, on March 25, which coincides with the 15th of Ramadan, World Orphans Day, we want to bring the reality of "the orphan" to the public agenda with meaningful activities.

First, we will organize a press conference and present our report titled "Being a Child in Palestine." With the "Being a Child in Palestine" report, we want to draw attention to the thousands of innocent children who have been orphaned and killed as a result of the ongoing Israeli genocide since October 7.

On the same day, we will gather with our orphaned children at the Neslişah Cultural Center and spend a fun day with them. At the end of the day, we will have iftar together in the courtyard of the Edirnekapı Mihrimah Mosque and send them home with gifts.

Additionally, every year during the week that includes the 15th of Ramadan, we inform about including the topic of orphans in Friday sermons. We reiterate our proposals for the establishment of an "Orphan Children Commission" and a "General Directorate of Child Services" within the OIC. Our initiatives related to the Islamic world generally fall under the following headings:

  • Inclusion of the topic of "orphans" in Friday sermons in Islamic countries
  • Visiting orphanages and orphan homes
  • Giving gifts such as books, toys, and Eid clothing to children
  • Conducting permanent activities for children

How does the Orphan Foundation prepare for Ramadan activities?

Firstly, we identify the countries where we will carry out projects. When determining these countries, the most important factor for us is the situation of orphaned children in those countries. Looking at it from this perspective, the African continent, which hosts a significant portion of the world's orphan population and, according to statistics, is home to two out of every three orphans, stands out. This is followed by Southeast Asia, where natural disasters frequently occur and poverty is evident; the Middle East, where wars and crises emerge; and then the Balkans and the Caucasus.

Secondly, we conduct a feasibility study on which areas we will reach and how many orphaned children and their families, and we create funds for these. We present the projects we have prepared for Ramadan activities to charitable individuals, institutions, and organizations in Turkey and abroad with the potential to provide funds, and we secure our funds.

Thirdly, depending on the intensity of the activities, we form teams to work in the countries. The teams consist of members of various boards of our foundation, employees, volunteers, journalists, and writers. When the teams complete their work and return, they report their observations and notes taken during the trip, archive the videos and photos they have taken, and share them with the relevant commission of our foundation. These feedback and reports are of great importance in identifying needs and developing projects to be presented to charitable people.

During the Ramadan activities, we receive support from sister institutions and implement our projects through them. Before the month of Ramadan, we inform them about our areas of activity, and once the necessary preparations are completed, we implement our projects with their support.

How do you identify needy orphans and their families?

As the Orphan Foundation, we already have countries where we conduct work and aim to reach throughout the year. In these countries, we carry out various projects in different areas, conduct research, and continue feasibility studies uninterrupted. Thus, all these efforts prepare us for the Ramadan period in a way.

With the support of our sister organizations, we identify orphaned, abandoned, and social orphaned children or those living in orphanages in the countries where we work. We then focus our activities on the identified group and give priority to them.

What is your advice to those who ask, "What can I do for orphans during Ramadan?"

We have donation items prepared to reach our orphaned children and their families in Turkey and around the world, such as food parcels, children's packages, Eid clothing, iftar, zakat, fitrah, and fidyah. Anyone can donate in these areas, regardless of the amount, and contribute to the joy and smiles of an orphan during Eid. The prices we have set for our charitable donors this year are as follows:

  • Food parcel: 900 ₺
  • Ramadan children's package: 250 ₺
  • Eid clothing: 1,000 ₺
  • Iftar: 130 ₺
  • Fitr and fidyah: 130 ₺

Is it possible to donate from abroad?

Yes, it is possible. Donations can be made to the relevant accounts from our official website, yetimvakfi.org.tr. Transfers can also be made using the IBAN and SWIFT codes available on our website.

Do you accept in-kind support during Ramadan?

Yes. We accept in-kind support in the form of clothing, food, toys, and stationery.

Can support be provided to orphans through text messaging?

Anyone can donate 30₺ by texting YETIM to 9868; or 130₺ by texting FITRE to 8868.

How can we support the Orphan Foundation's Ramadan activities on social media?

You can support our posts on social media through facebook/yetimvakfi, twitter/@yetimvakfi, instagram/yetimvakfi accounts, and contribute to the promotion of our work through personal accounts.

Donate: https://bagis.yetimvakfi.org.tr/en/donate

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