Goodness Next

A project that brings together our children who are right next to us and our orphans in the most remote corner of the world.


A project that brings together our children who are right next to us and our orphans in the most remote corner of the world, on the common denominator of goodness!

Our foundation carries out activities to spread the works for orphans and awareness-raising activities to all layers of society. In particular, activities are carried out to make it more meaningful with the contributions of our children, who are in the education curriculum.

With the "Goodness Next" project, which was carried out within the scope of values ​​education and started within the framework of a protocol with Özkur-Bir, our children from kindergarten to high school and our orphans, who are right next to us or in the far corners of the world, meet on the common denominator of goodness. Since small sacrifices made at an early age will directly affect the character-building of children, the main purpose of the project is to raise a qualified, self-sacrificing and helpful generation that loves to share.


Could you give some brief information about the activities of the Orphan Foundation?

The Orphan Foundation is a specialized institution established on June 10, 2017, on World Orphans Day. The Foundation provides services to three groups that fall under the scope of children in need of protection, especially orphans: Orphans, Lost-Found Children and Social Orphans. The concept of “orphan” has a broad meaning, including these three groups of needs, and orphan mothers are also considered as orphans. Within this framework, a group of 1 billion children, which corresponds to 40% of the world's child population, falls within the scope of the Orphan Foundation.

The Orphan Foundation aims to create an environment that will contribute to the development of orphans in a loving and caring environment, with the integrity of their mental and physical health. It does not set an age limit in the services it provides and does not let the orphans' hands go, from their early childhood until the time they start their own life and stand on their own feet.

The Orphan Foundation aims to enable our children who have lost a parent, and their family members to cope with the loss they have experienced, to alleviate the psychological impact of this loss on individuals, and to develop programs that will meet the needs of families. It continues its activities in education, protective and preventive social service, psychosocial support and development workshops for orphan children with the "Holistic Education Model" within the scope of projects such as Well-Being Stations, Pictures Touching Dreams, Kilis Kindergarten, Festival Came to My Street, etc.

The Orphan Foundation, within the framework of the stated purposes, provides education, health, shelter, food and clothing needs for orphan children and also supports orphans/children in need of protection. The Orphan Foundation also carries out activities to raise awareness and support orphans/children in need of protection all over the world, especially in our country and in geographies where wars and crises exist.

The Orphan Foundation supports orphans with continuous and periodic aid. Continuous aids are regular aids provided in orphanages and campuses with orphan families, with the Sponsor Support System, the Sibling Family Project. Periodic Aids, on the other hand, are the aids made within the scope of social support, education, development, health aids and cultural support projects, which are made in certain time periods (Ramadan, Eid al-Adha (Sacrifice Feast), the beginning of the education period, in winter, etc.) in the regions of need.

Could you give some information about the situation of orphans in the world?

According to UN data, there are 140 million orphans in the world. Considering the countries where reliable data cannot be obtained and the registration system is not developed, this figure is estimated to be around 400 million. Especially the African and Asian continents have countries that host a large population of orphans. The situations of the children of the world are quite dramatic. We live in a world where 22,000 children die every day from poverty-related causes, more than half of all refugees are kids, 2.5 million kids are abducted every year, 400 million kids go to bed hungry every night, and 250 million kids are compelled to labor. As a result, the humanitarian situation regarding orphans and unaccompanied children is getting worse day by day. A more livable world will be possible for children and all humanity when people start coming up with solutions to wars, man-made disasters, poverty and diseases that cause an increase in the number of orphaned children in the world.



Could you give some information about the situation of orphans in our country?

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) 2020 data, it is reported that the number of children whose fathers died is 269 thousand 202, the number of children whose mothers died is 80 thousand 798, and the number of children whose both mothers and fathers died is 4 thousand 518 out of a total of 22 million 750 thousand 657 children in Turkey.

The number of children protected by the Ministry of Family and Social Services is 38,529. In addition, the number of children who are supported in their family care with Social Economic Support is 128,047. There is no official data on the total number of children in need of protection in our country. However, it is estimated that approximately 1.5% (1,250,000) of our country's population consists of children in need of protection.

What are the main factors that cause orphanhood?

• Poverty

• Wars and Conflicts

• Natural disasters

• Diseases

• Accidents

What are the main threats to orphans?

• Human Trafficking

• Organ Trade

• Beggar Networks

• Prostitution Mafias

• Missionary Activities

• Child Military Service

• Child Labor

• Child Marriage

• Forced Adoption

• Being pushed into crime

• Substance Abuse

What are the goals and objectives of the Orphan Foundation's activities?

• To support orphans in need until they reach the ability to stand on their own two feet; to prepare them for life with compassion by meeting their education, health, food, clothing and housing needs.

• To support orphans and their family members in their mental health by providing psychosocial support when needed.

• To carry out activities aimed at ensuring that the fundamental rights and freedoms of children are not violated in cases where the rights of children are violated and there are problems in accessing their vital needs.

• To prepare safe environments where the moral needs of children are met as well as their material needs.

Could you give us some information about the support methods of the Orphan Foundation?

  • Sponsor / Patronage Support System: To support the education, health, food and clothing needs of an orphan child with a contribution of 200 Turkish Lira per month.
  • Sibling Family Project: Social assistance is provided monthly and periodically for orphans who have been orphaned due to war, natural disasters, diseases and similar reasons around the world, and for our families who cannot sustain their lives only with the support of Orphan Sponsorship / Patronage due to the difficult conditions they are in. Within the framework of the Sibling Family Project, monthly cash support is planned to take into account the family's food and clothing needs, education and medical expenses, and bill pay.
  • Project Sponsorship: All the vital needs of our orphans and their families are the natural field of activity of our Orphan Foundation. Within this framework, areas such as education, health, food, clothing, housing, construction, repair and renovation of family-owned houses, winter season-specific supports such as firewood, stoves, blankets, and all kinds of household goods supports are implemented within the scope of “Project Sponsorship”.
  • Orphan Aid Fund: Our Foundation accepts all in-kind and cash contributions, except for conditional donations made to projects and certain funds, under the “Orphan Aid Fund”. All the donations accumulated in this fund are used for our orphans, their families and all orphan needs.
  • Psychosocial Support: With the various programs we have developed for orphans and their mothers, we aim to help them cope with the losses they experience and to alleviate the psychological impact of these losses on them.


With the project we carry out at Istanbul Aksaray Psychosocial Support and Application Center and Reyhanlı Psychosocial Support Center, we develop programs to determine the needs of orphans, social orphans and their mothers by objective methods and to respond to these needs and evaluations are being made after the application.

Does the Orphan Foundation support orphanages and the settlements where orphan families live?

It is of serious importance for children to be able to maintain their lives in a warm home within the integrity of the family. However, the knowledge that half of the orphans in the world we live in are abandoned on the streets without the protection of a family or institution is also very hurtful for all humanity because these children are the direct target of criminal organizations that abuse them. We believe that for children who are deprived of family and relative support, staying in orphanages with their peers, which are in the atmosphere of a boarding school under the supervision of competent and caring caregivers, is one of the most reasonable solutions. Again, it is very valuable for orphan children to be able to maintain their lives in safe houses together with their mothers and siblings in the settlements established for orphan families. Within this framework, the Orphan Foundation provides support to orphanages and orphan settlements.

Could you briefly describe the Goodness Next project?

Our foundation carries out activities to disseminate awareness-raising activities for our orphans to all layers of society and to make them more meaningful with the contributions of our children, who are in the education curriculum. With the “Goodness Next” project, which started within the scope of values education, our children from kindergarten to high school and our orphans, who are right next to us or in the far corners of the world, meet on the common denominator of goodness. Since small sacrifices made at an early age will directly affect the character formation of children, the main purpose of the project is to raise a qualified, self-sacrificing and helpful generation that loves to share.

How can schools/classes participate in the project?

  • Schools can participate in the project voluntarily following the information provided to them. The promotion booklet and posters of the Goodness Next project will be sent to the participating schools by the Orphan Foundation.
  • Following the notification of the school administrators, the classes that have decided to participate in the “Goodness Next” project should apply with the representation of their teachers.
  • For the application, the “Orphan Sponsorship Form” must be filled in at
  • If they wish, the classes can choose the countries of their orphan siblings from the "country" button on the form.
  • Students should collect their first donation (200 Turkish Lira), which is the amount we will send to our orphan sibling.
  • The collected donations are sent to the accounts of the Orphan Foundation with the description of “Orphan Sponsorship Donation”. (Account numbers are available at
  • After the first donation, the “Summary Information Form” containing the information of the orphan sibling supported by the class is sent to the e-mail address provided in the application on behalf of the supporting class (for example: Mehmet Akif Ersoy Elementary School 3-A students). The form contains the current photo, name, country, date of birth, the death date of the father, number of siblings and status information about the mother belonging to the orphan sibling.
  • Support for our orphan sibling must be for at least one year. Our classes can support their orphan siblings as long as they wish.,



Can project promotion be done in schools?

It is possible to make a presentation of our “Goodness Next” project with the permission of all primary and secondary school administrations, including kindergarten and private schools. Our schools can contact our Orphan Foundation for the presentation.

What needs of a child are met with 200 Turkish Lira per month?

200 Turkish Lira is a contribution to the basic needs of our orphan sibling in the fields of education, health, food, clothing and partly housing.

Can each class support only one orphan? Can more than one class support an orphan?

Classes can have one or more orphan siblings, or more than one class can come together to support an orphan sibling. For this, it will be sufficient to send a monthly donation of 200 Turkish Lira for each child to be supported.

When will the students be able to start the project?

There is no specific date for the classes to start the project. They can start the project at any time as in the standard sponsorship process. However, it is very important that 2,400 Turkish Lira per year, which should be sent to our orphans, is completed after starting the project.

How long will the project last?

The project can continue for as long as the class wishes. However, the supporting class has to commit to supporting for at least one year. After the completion of a year, classes can continue to support their siblings if they wish.

Can the classes participate in a sale of work or a similar activity to be involved in the project?

With the permission of the school administration, the classes can organize sale of works, ticketed organizations and different activities in order to send the sponsorship price to their orphan siblings.


After a year or a few years, if the class decides to stop supporting their siblings, will the siblings they have supported no longer be paid for sponsorship?

The Orphan Foundation continues to support each child included in the Sponsor Support System until they complete their university or vocational education. Orphan siblings that our class has stopped supporting can be supported by students from another school/class or by another donor. For our supported orphan brother not to be victimized, the decision to stop must be notified to our foundation on time.

Since the academic year in Turkey is 8 months, how will the students complete the remaining 4 months?

Within the scope of our "Goodness Next" project, we provide a contribution of 2,400 Turkish Lira per year, 200 Turkish Lira per month, to the orphans we support. The classes who want to support should collect a total of 2,400 Turkish Lira during the education period.

Can students communicate with their siblings whom they support?

Classes can communicate with their orphan siblings by writing letters. They can come together as a class and share their feelings with their siblings. However, they must write their letters in either English or Arabic. If the supported orphan is in Turkey, Azerbaijan or another Turkish-speaking country, the letter can be written in Turkish. Classes can also share class photos of all their friends with their siblings. After they write their letters, they can send them to the Orphan Foundation with the registration of the "Goodness Next Project". After the letters are received, they will be sent to their siblings by the Orphan Foundation and when a letter comes from their siblings, this letter will be delivered to the classes by the Orphan Foundation.

Can classes send gifts to orphan siblings?

It may not be possible for the classes to send gifts to their orphan siblings due to geographical distance.

How should the project be followed up in schools?

The “Goodness Next” project in the schools can be followed by the classroom teachers and volunteer students commissioned by the school administration. In addition, Social Assistance Clubs in the schools can take the initiative regarding the follow-up of the campaign.